Amnon Avidor Welcomes You!

Amnon AvidorAmnon Avidor specializes in a variety of services for the individual and small businesses.

With over 17 years of experience in all phases of computer/networking support services, we are proud to provide top-notch service, support, and training.

Licensed, Certified, Qualified.

Don't trust your important files to the cheapest out there - make sure you've got someone who you can trust - that famous old adage, you get what you pay for...

What Does Amnon Avidor Specialize In?

Customer Support, Affordable Custom Website Design & Programming, Training, and a full range of hosting services.

What Can Amnon Avidor Do For You?

Amnon Avidor offers a variety of services and can do anything you want him to do from programming, designing, marketing and more. But, he specializes in training and technical support. He's able to work with your pre-existing website, or build you a new one, however for best results and to truly unleash the full potential of your website, a custom (yet affordable) solution is the only way to go.

How Amnon Avidor Works

Working with Amnon is easy and he likes to keep things as simple as possible. Amnon cannot begin work without a nominal monetary investment, and any type of reasonable payment plan that works for you will typically work for him as well. Or, the project can be broken down into phases and a payment can be made before and after each phase. He has no problems signing non-disclosure agreements, contracts or similar documents if necessary. This is his life and he's very ready and very eager to work. Payments can be made safely online via PayPal using a bank account or any credit/debit/check card. You don't need a PayPal account to make PayPal payments, but a PayPal account is free.

Where is Amnon Avidor Located?

Amnon is based in the U.S. in Los Angeles, California. When you are one of Amnon's clients, he makes himself available any day via phone, email, face-to-face Skype, instant messaging, etc.

Why Choose Amnon Avidor?

Amnon puts in the extra time and effort for each and every client, whether that means staying in on the weekend to finish your project by Monday morning or going out of my way to exceed your expectations. Amnon gets it done, period. And in exchange for your financial investment, he invests everything he has in you and your project. His time, his skill, his knowledge, his creativity, his passion, his all.