Computer Technical Support

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SupportAmnon Avidor specializes in solving PC related problems and explaining solutions in ways you can understand. Amnon is certified and has the expertise needed to provide you with computer help for Home or Business desktop computers, notebooks, software, hardware and peripherals.

Computer Hardware

Problem with your computer? It could be a hardware issue. From the screen card to the hard disk, whatever the problem, it's no problem. If it can't be repaired, it can be replaced. No need to buy a new computer. Remember that the best way to make a computer last is MAINTENANCE. If you don't have normal maintenance done on your computer (just like you do on your car!), then you're setting up your computer to die at an early age.

Onsite Support

Don't want to disconnect the computer and bring it in? Not a problem. Onsite support is available - this way, when you see it working at your place, you know it'll continue working and you don't have to bother yourself with wires, connections, etc.

Remote Support

Sometimes it's a small issue that can be fixed remotely. Remote support is available in cases where you just can't make the computer do what you want, or are getting an error message you can't understand.

Software Support

If your computer is really sluggish and just won't respond to you as fast as you want (or remember it working), then it can be a software problem. It's always a good idea to re-install the whole system every couple of years. If your Windows has been going for 3+ years, time for a fresh start!

Microsoft Windows needs to be re-installed, and all other applications as well. This is a time-consuming project, and entails backing up the whole system before beginning work. Chances are, your system will run like new once this is done!

Please note that ORIGINAL DISKS and licenses are necessary for this project. Copies of disks are not acceptable and the work will not be competed.